My boyfriend, Keita thinks I am Crazy – Eazzy


Female hiplife artiste, Eazzy was on  Etv’s The Late Nite Celebrity Show to promote video to her new single  Burning Love.

The Emergency  hitmaker among other issues discussed her boyfriend Keita Osei, babies and her businesses. Keita Osei is the junior brother of The Godfather of Hiplife and member of VVIP music group, Reggie Rockstone.

“I want to name my first son Miguel and daughter Sheridan. But I don’t know if I will change my mind. My ex-boyfriend thought I was crazy and my current boyfriend too thinks so.

I will have two but if I’m blessed with many more I can’t do anything about it. If I had my chance I will just have two. It’s going to happen soon and I don’t see what the rush is about. I’m about so many things right now, business wise, I’m totally not in a rush and I’m in shape.”

Eazzy revealed her video was shot by Stargates Productions which is owned by his boyfriend Keita Osei.

“It’s owned by Keita Osei. It’s solely his company.”

Answering a fan’s question as to what she did apart from music she replied;

“I do have other businesses though but they are not businesses I want to put in the media because I don’t want any scrutiny on it. But I do own a couple of shops, I have real estate and some underground businesses too. We got to keep the money coming.”