Moesha’s Big Butt Is Fake; Best Friend Reveals How Actress Changed Her Butt Through Surgery

It looks like Veteran Actress, Maame Dokono was right to think Moesha’s big butt is not natural.

Maame Dokono, in an interview recently following Moesha’s viral CNN comment, stipulated that even the butt Moesha is using to snatch married men is actually fake.

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She’d said:

Moesha’s butt is even artificial because I have heard that she had to go through surgeries to have it like that and instead of doing something meaningful for yourself, you rather using your butt to sleep with men for money. It’s a bad practice.

Close friends and family are among the few who know the truth about the popular slay queen and one of them has come out to spill the beans.

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Her name is Abena Moet and she has been a regular guest at Accra Based Okay FM on Abeiku Santana’s Drive Time Show.

According to Moet, her friend (Moesha) did surgical operation to augment her butt three times, adding that contrary to perception she did it in the US, she revealed Moesha got her fake butt right here in Ghana at doctor Obengfo’s Clinic.

Moet further revealed how Moesha occasionally went to the clinic for a checkup.