The Insults After My CNN Interview Was A Blessing, Ghanaians Made Me Popular’ – Moesha Thanks Ghanaians

Moesha Boduong has thanked Ghanaians for making her more popular through the constant bashing she received after her CNN interview with Christiane Amanpour.

According to Moesha, the attacks were even a blessing for her.

Moesha was trending for a long time earlier this year after snippets of her CNN interview with Amanpour were released, in which she said that women in Ghana cannot take care of themselves and have to depend on men who they are having s£x with to take care of them.

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The backlash was massive but she says it was all a blessing.

“The whole CNN thing was a blessing. Especially with Ghanaians lambasting me, it went everywhere so yes it has been a blessing. Because of that, CNN had to come to my aid. I didn’t even have their contact but after the whole thing that went viral, they called me back and we have a very good relationship now,”

she said.

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“So, I’m looking at doing so many things with CNN soon and I’m doing something with them. That’s also in the pipeline and will come out soon thanks to my lovely Ghanaians, I love them so much,”

she said.