Moesha Bodoung reveals why she flaunts her bo’obs

Voluptuous Actress Moesha Bodoung has revealed why she flaunts her bo’obs and body every where. Moesha who has been criticized by entertainment pundits and sections of the general public for incessantly showing her cleavage rather than her ‘brains’ on her social media platform (Instagram) says she does so because they are nice.

The actress showed up for an interview on Hitz FM’s Feminine Friday edition of Daybreak Hitz with MzGee, in a red gown, without a bra, leaving her nipples protruding through the dress. Asked why she was braless, the actress said she hardly put on bra because her bo’obs do not need support.

“I have good breast, I have nice round breast so I do not see the reason why I should wear a bra. “Bra is supposed to support the breast and mine is round so I just dress, I don’t like putting on bra”. I have firm breast she reiterated.

On why she is not making giant strides as an actress after revealing she had featured in 6 Ghanaian movies namely Rape case, Victims, School Party, including Sparrow Production’s ‘Grey Dawn’, she said blame it on the power crisis has caused her a great deal.

“I am really concentrating on my career but right now everybody knows that the Ghana Movie Industry has been shady for two years and right now it is just the actress that are turning into producers because of the light off thing, producing movies was a bit slow so you don’t get people calling you to come act movies.”

Moesha is who is currently enjoying the publicity she is gaining by exhibiting her body questioned why the public will criticize her since some of her colleagues in the industry do same.

“If you check Deborah Vanesa and Nicki Samonas they also take swim wear pictures and stuff but no one says they are [email protected] or are exposing anything.

“It is because I have curves that’s why people have problems with my picture but I am not exposing. I don’t even get people when they say I am [email protected] in water, so what do they want me to wear, a kaba and slit or a suit?”

Moesha says her posture on social media does not put the reputation of her father who is an ex-Military Officer on the line, adding that her father was aware of her activities.

Moesha who refers to herself as a ‘picture gbe’ (picture freak) disclosed that she wore waist trainer and worked out for 2 years to have her body shape.

She however denied the publication that she collapsed at the West Hill Mall because she was in four waist trainers.