Medikal Wants Me To Be The Mother Of His Children – Sister Derby

Medikal and Sister Derby Deborah Vanessan

To those of you who thought the Relationship between Medikal and his girlfriend, Sister Derby will not stand the test of time should actually rethink. Because the couple were no longer displaying that sort of public affection they used to show, so people started speculating that they might have broken up with each other and more.

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Deborah Vanessa has finally reacted to those speculations. According to her, people thought their love won’t last but yes, they are still doing their own thing and Medikal has assured her of marriage. In an interview with Showbiz, Sister Derby said;

“He always tells me that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and that we will be together forever. He also tells me that he wants me to be the mother of his children.”

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Sister Derby added that she is not worried about the fact that she’s seven (7)years older than Medikal, because the love between them is deep. When she was asked if she feels bad when Ghanaians talk about her age, she revealed that;

“It doesn’t make me feel bad, I have never really dated an older person, it’s either someone my age or younger. Although I was worried about our age in the beginning of our relationship but Medikal has proven to me that he is even more mature than I am.”

I know their fans will be thrilled to see the two love birds married.