PHOTO: Medikal and Sister Derby gets all naughty in Photoshoot

Medikal and Sister Derby Deborah Vanessan

AMG business rapper Medikal and his celebrity girlfriend Deborah Vanessa popularly known as Sister Derby have been making the headlines on several occasions. The ‘Too Risky’ couple are my best celebrity couple for 2017. They beat the odds of a vast age difference to inspire a very beautiful relationship.

Sister Derby and her 9-years younger boyfriend have just dropped a hot photo which is on the verge of breaking the internet. The ‘Confirm’ rapper posted the picture where he is seen grabbing Derby by the thigh and giving her that steamy kiss on his instagram page. The caption even says it all, Medikal captioned the picture ‘Inti matwe mano tintinn s3 Indian feem !’

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Check Medikal’s Instagram post below.