Medikal Buys A Brand New Car For Fella Makafui After ‘Sponsor’ Seized Her Cars

This whole thing between Medikal, Fella Makafui and Sister Derby is beginning to look more like a publicity stunt than just mere occurrence. Days after it was reported that Fella Makafui’s ex boyfriend had sent his boys to collect the convertible he bought for her, her new boyfriend, Medikal has bought her another car, and even nicer and expensive than the convertible just as we predicted.

Medikal announced on his twitter, the acquisition of a brand new Audi A8. He wrote:

Just got my babe an Audi A8 ! Love is Gungsta 😊❤️

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The AMG Business rapper has been in a lovey Dovey relationship with the actress after he dumped Sister Derby few weeks ago. Sister Derby has since dropped a diss song calling Medikal and Fella’s new-found love ‘Kakalika Love’.Medikal and Fella Makafui are not worried about whatever Sister Derby says as they are seen all over each other everywhere they go.