Lydia Forson Advises Ghanaian Ladies To Make Their Men Eat The A$s & Toto During Sekz (Screenshot)

Lydia forson asks women to make their men eat their toto

Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Lydia Forson has encouraged women to make their men eat their b0oty and lick them so hard.

The actress says it’s only through this that women can also publicly brag about how their men were buried in their a$s when their men brag to their friends that they have ‘chopped’ them down.

The actress believes that when it comes to sekz, the feeling is mutual and the men enjoy as much as the women so it sounds weird that men go about exhibiting their escapades to whoever has ears to listen.

She tweeted;

“Ladies, Let your men eat you out, bury their faces in your as*s and machine gun fck you. So when they go out and brag that “I chop am”, you can proudly say “he sure did”. ?

“*FYI, as you chop, am, she chop you too, so”