LISTEN: National Peace council calls Dzifa Attivor to order

The National Peace Council has asked former Transport Minister, Dzifa Attivor, to retract and apologise for tribal comments she made to grassroots supporters of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Volta Region.

The Council says the comments made recently that sought to pitch the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) against supporters of the NDC in the Volta Region does not augur well for decency of the politics and peace in the country.

Chairman of the Council, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante, said the former Transport Minister must also apologise to the people of the Volta Region for attempting to trick them.

“She should come clean and apologise to the Ghanaian public, to our brothers and sisters in the Volta Region for taking them for a ride,”

Rev Prof Asante said.


Dzifa Attivor at an NDC rally in the Volta charged party supporters in the region to keep the NPP out of power otherwise people from the Volta Region who are members of the governing NDC will be jailed.

She cited Victor Selormey and Dan Abodapki, two former NDC government officials jailed for causing financial loss to the state as examples of NPP’s persecution of Ewes.

The former minister also suggested that she is very likely to spend time in prison if the NPP is voted into power.

Dzifa Attivor resigned her ministerial position last year following the controversial bus branding saga.

However, the National Peace Council – the statutory peace institution – says the comment by the former Minister does not even help the NDC party.

“If you want to give the impression that when you do something wrong it is a different party that will deal with you, then you are not saying anything good about your party,”

said Chairman of the Council.

He urged politicians to be decent in their comments.

Listen to the Peace Council chair in the audio file below.