Lifestyle with BeeBee: Why you should not go through your Partner’s phone

EVERYDAY, ALL DAY, ANY DAY with BeeBee. Why is It not that bad to go through your partner’s phone? Hello, I’m BeeBee, a young girl in her early 20s and I am going to give you reasons why going through your lover’s phone is not that bad; yeah, not that bad.

So you will be wondering why a young girl like me is giving you a relationship advice, LOL! Let’s just say I have been in a lot of bad relationships and you really don’t need a certificate to advice someone when it comes to boyfriend/girlfriend matters. Yeah! I’m someone my friends will describe as very nosy, inquisitive (mep3 asem papa?). In fact one ex of mine called me FBI. I mean nothing goes on in my partner’s life that I wouldn’t know. It’s no ‘gbala’ just by God’s Grace ?.

For me going through my partners phone was everything. Like it can kill my boredom. It can feed me when I’m starving. It can make me shed tears like Kintampo waterfalls when I feel like. Was it worth it? YES GIRL ??). I called it, ‘KEEPING UP WITH BAE’. You’ll know who he or she has been calling, getting loans from, sending or receiving airtime, gossiping about, flirting with or most importantly, planning on cheating with or has interest in.  Example, one time I got to know my ex had slept with his close friend’s girlfriend and she’s getting clingy to my ex, wahala! How did this help me? He broke up with me because he claims I overstepped my boundaries. All my relationships ended because of my unnecessary FBI ways.

So yeah, keeping up with BAE is not that bad because, it saves you from getting hurt later, it makes you know your competition and soon, you’ll read an entire conversation with bae and your friends on the surprise birthday or engagement party they’re organizing for you ?. Stay away from your partner’s phone for a healthy relationship. Don’t go looking for trouble dearie ?.

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