Leila Djansi condemns Alhaji Halidu and Commends Yvonne Nelson


Ace Ghanaian film maker and director, Leila Afua Djansi, has referred to actress Yvonne Nelson as a “true star” who is using her celebrity status to contribute positively to society.

Leila’s commendation comes after Yvonne Nelson started a social media campaign dubbed #dumsormuststop, encouraging Ghanaians to air their frustration about the current power crisis in the country and pressure the government to solve it.

The campaign which gained the support of fellow female movie producer Lydia Forson, who also wrote a scathing open letter to the president attracted a comment by a member of the government communications team, Alhaji Haruna Halidu who labeled the women “prostitutes”.

The former aide to the chief of staff at the presidency said in a Facebook post over the weekend, female Ghanaian celebrities above 30 years and unmarried were “prostitutes” and “irresponsible.”

Leila has also taken a serious swipe at  the government official’s comments saying they were derogatory.

“I doubt there is anything wrong in what Yvonne said or what she’s doing. I have so longed for this day when our celebrities become the voice for the ordinary Ghanaian,”

she wrote in a blogpost.

Djansi said she wished there were as many popular people in Ghana who were as bold as Nelson to use their positions to drive change in society.

“Frivolous awards schemes for mere show. Yvonne Nelson, however, has and is using her fame for positive things. No matter how many times they have ganged up against her and called her names, this young woman rises up above all the obstacles and sets herself apart. Girl doesn’t even give herself lead roles in her produced movies. She shares the stage. I doff my hat to you woman. You are a star.Brightening the corner where you are no matter how many names you’re called. There is no great change that was not achieved by intense opposition.”

Directly addressing Halidu, Djansi said it was disappointing to learn a man of his stature had very little respect for women.

“How insulting. I’m above 30. (although I prefer 29, lol. Cos I have a lot to achieve before 40). I can google my name, I work in entertainment, I have followers, we can humbly assume I am a lil well known in Ghana. I’M A WHORE???? How I wish I were. I won’t be broke. I’ll be winding my waist and getting the money I need for this upcoming film.”

Halidu’s Facebook post: 

“Are those celebrities who are above the age of 30 years and not married responsible? What are they waiting for? Is it the prostitution that they are engage in which has turn their mind upside down and they don’t sound reasonable again? I have no respect for prostitute. Let them say whatever they want to say.Their mouth no bi gun.‪#‎Dumsorwillend##”

“By that post, you have, by extension comprised me in your senseless and childish drivel. That obtuse gobbledygook, “

Leila remarked.

“That is a very irresponsible statement coming from someone who is the face of the presidential bandwagon. That’s something I expect to hear from a trotro driver or his mate. Not from a government official. How callous! It parades a thorough lack of education, lack of respect for his mother, unfortunately. Because if you respect your mother, you will exercise some decorum, when you speak about women. I am embarrassed for the NDC. No wonder JJ Rawlings and Nana Konadu Rawlings, the best 1st lady, one who changed the face of women in Ghana, want nothing with the party. I am sad really, because Volta NDC was started in my house. I remember squeezing beside my father when the party bigwigs meet at our home in Ho. Forthwith, the party has been reduced to idle talkers and dining hall prefects,”

She wrote.