LEAKED: Check out how the new samsung galaxy S7 looks like

If you just got yourself the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge for the holidays, you might want to get ready for a change if you want to stay trendy.

The world’s largest mobile company, Samsung Mobile, which boasts of over 800 million subscribers, leaked images of the new Galaxy S7 Edge and the larger Galaxy S7 Plus, which was scheduled to go on sale in February of 2016.

Last year, Galaxy announced the release of the S6 in March and put the phone out to retailers in April, which means that the S6 and S6 Edge had less than a year life-cycle on the shelves.

Samsung has already been successful in this approach with the Galaxy Note 5 which launched in August 2015; just 10 months after the Galaxy Note 4. This gave the phone/tablet a month head start on the iPhone 6S Plus, whereas the Galaxy Note 4 launched a month after the iPhone 6 Plus. Similarly, a February release of the Galaxy S7 would give it a seven month head start over the projected September release of the highly anticipated iPhone 7.

The new samsung Galaxy S7 with metallic body