PHOTOS: Landguards strips stubborn youth [email protected]

landguards strip

A resident of Danchira in the Ga South Municipality in the Greater Accra Region was stripped [email protected] and forced to carry blocks through principal streets of the community for failing to abide by rules set by landguards in the area.


The resident who whose name was given as Ayi went through the bitter ordeal after he walked on a road declared as a ‘no go zone’ by the landguards.

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Narrating his ordeal to Adom News, Ayi said , he was walking on the path when he was called by the landguards who insisted that he carry two six inches and travel some distance with them for daring to thread on the untrodden path.

“They started pulling my pen!s, subjected me to massive beatings and paraded me through the town as punishment for daring them” he bemoaned.

Ayi maintained that he did not wrong but protecting the lands of his ancestors which has been forcibly taken from them.

He is therefore calling on the security agencies to arrest the landguards and bring them to book.

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