Beautiful Lady Confesses To Sleeping With Over 9000 Men Run To Obinim For Deliverance

A young and beautiful lady has sought for deliverance in the arms of Bishop Daniel Obinim as she wants to abstain from her lifestyle of prostitution. The lady who seems to be in her 20s, disclosed that, she has been doing the job for 7 years and now wants to repent and stop.

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The lady who looks like a foreigner told the man of God that she wants to stop the job.

“I don’t want to be a prostitute anymore. I have been in this practice for seven years. I can’t give a raw figure but  Lets Say A LOT”.

“I can’t give you a raw figure of it been yearly but I can give the number of men I have seks with within a day. I can sleep with four to five guys in a day”

Obinim then pulled his phone to do the math and he determined the number of men she’s slept with during that 7 year period. That was how come, he got the number of men she’s slept with at about 9,448 assuming she sleeps with 4 men each day for the last 7 years–But we are sure that is not the accurate calculation given days she wouldn’t work, fall sick, menstruate and also multiple sex with same men.

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Just Watch the video below:

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