Shocking!! News Editor, Kwaku Baako reveals why ‘big men’ can’t stop Galamsey


The Editor-In-chief of the New Crusading guide newspaper in Ghana has alleged that some “powerful people” and stakeholders entrusted to help fight the ‘galamsey’ menace are unable to do so because they are being blackmailed by powerful Chinese women they have had seks with.

In case you are wondering what ‘galamsey is; It is the local term given to illegal mining activities in Ghana. Kwaku Baako made those comments after the arrest of four Chinese workers by officers of the immigration service on a ‘galamsey’ concession at Bepotenten in the Amansie Central district.

The concession, according to reports, belongs to one Chinese woman called Asia Huang, also known as Aisha.

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Reacting to the development on Newsfile on Multi TV on Saturday 6 May, Mr Baako said the Chinese had video and audio recordings of her seksual escapades with big men both within the previous and current administration and was, therefore, ‘untouchable’.

According to the ace journalist, Aisha brings into town other Chinese girls to have seks with some “big men” in the country, hence their inability to arrest her for engaging in ‘galamsey.’

Speaking on News File, he said.

“This particular Chinese woman, I have it on record, was arrested three times during the previous administration and three times she was released. She is a very powerful woman who operates more within the Ashanti Region, especially Kumasi. She’s got connections from my own checks also in this administration. She appears to be a very smooth operative.

“She’s built a network across the political divide. She’s got her agents placed in state institutions particularly the security agencies and she’s able to wriggle herself out of danger or trouble anytime she’s touched. I hope it doesn’t happen this time round.

“…She’s got accomplices – the other one is called Monica, the other the name has slipped me because it’s a Chinese name. Part of their strength is that they built up a certain system of blackmailing. They are women so I’m not going to use certain words, I’m not going to say certain things. As to when they came into town, what they intend to do, who they were, what they were, had nothing to do with galamsey, but gradually they moved from that particular trade into galamsey.

“They have video and audio recordings of people who are powerful, videos of people who we have entrusted with responsibilities to protect us as a people. That’s how dangerous the game is and that is where the strength and power of these Chinese women are coming from.”

Asked what the videos contain, Mr Baako said:

“They have them in videos containing seks. They have video and audio recordings of their conversations with some strategically placed persons from then and now and some they are having seks with. Also, they have girls, some mainly Chinese who they brought into town to sleep with these big men well placed and they use it to blackmail our big men into submission.”