Kwabena Kwabena’s estranged wife Storm album launch with police to force him to court

At the launch of Kwabena Kwabena’s 5th studio album, An embarrassing event occurred when his wife stormed the venue with policemen to summon him to court since all attempts to do so have failed. Kwabena’s ex-wife Abena Owusua Dwamena decided that his album launch would be the perfect place to stir up the drama.

According to reports available to us, Kwabena Kwabena had failed to accept court summons on several occasions giving reasons that he did not marry at the court of law so he sees no reason to appear before a judge if he wants to get a divorce.

 “His persistent refusal made Abena go in for a court order and that is why they went to the concert to serve him”

a source told

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The police and Abena Owusua upon their arrival at the Plus 233 Jazz Bar & Grill on Thursday were told Kwabena Kwabena was not around. Management of the musician was earlier not willing to tell his whereabouts but later disclosed his location after the police said they would mount the stage to serve him if he returns to perform.

 A Source hinted that the singer has parted ways with his wife because the pastor of his manager claims that Abena Owusuaa used a charm to win the heart of Kwabena Kwabena. The said manager is popular Metro TV host, Frema Ashkar. Frema is rumored to have moved into Kwabena Kwabena’s home while Abena Owusuaa has moved out of her matrimonial home to live in Dansoman.

 The source also hinted that Kwabena Kwabena has returned some customary items to the family of Abena Owusuaa to signal his intention to end his marriage.”

 In the writ, the wife of Kwabena Kwabena was asking the court to force Kwabena Kwabena to take care of his children by providing financial support other than just paying their fees.

 She also complained to the court that Kwabena Kwabena had denied her and their 2 children entry into their matrimonial home on grounds that she used ‘juju’ to win his heart.


See the writ below: