Watch: Kumawood movie ‘2016’ goes international on Conan Show


A Kumawood directed movie which is titled ‘2016’ was showed on Conan O’Brien   Conan Show. Conan O’brien hosted TJ Miller on his show, ‘Conan’,  where TJ mentioned that he would be hosting the Golden Trailer Awards.

TJ brought his absolutely favourite trailer to  to the show and guess what, it is Ghana’s science-fiction movie “2016” starring Kumawood favourites such as Kyeiwaa, Katawere and others.

TJ Miller described it as an international film of unknown origin. After Conan say it he said

That’s a real trailer…I have to see that movie…it’s the worst but best special effects I have ever seen.

The truth of the matter is, they were actually making fun of the video but all the same it has taken the movie unto an international platform. 

Should kumawood directors be proud of this or take it as a wake up call to the  appalling directing and editing in their movies?

Watch ‘2016’ featured on Conan Show below.