‘If Kofi Adjorlolo was rich then he should have bought me a car’ – Lebene replies critics

Adjorlolo and Lebene

Kofi Adjorlolo’s ex-fiance Victoria Lebene Mekpah has rubbished reports she dated the veteran actor for his riches, instead insisting it was about the love.

According to Lebene Mekpah, if Kofi Adjorlolo had bought her a residence or a car during their time together then the argument would have made more sense, but he didn’t – even though she would have accepted it if he did.

Lebene revealed that Kofi Adjorlolo was not taing care of everything when they were dating.

“I would not say that Kofi was doing all that for me. I mean I was working. I was hustling so it was my own resources. If he was rich then he should have bought me a car and a house. I would have accepted that.”

she said.

The actress also touched on the news that Adjorlolo had moved on to a much younger actress as his new love interest after their break-up.

“I’m sure he was just trying to cover up with all the disappointments [of our break-up].” She said.

“You can’t just automatically find a young girlfriend, a younger lady than I am. I’m not jealous and I don’t think that story is real”