KNUST Scandal: S’ex tape girl not a student of KNUST

Few days ago, a KNUST Scandal s£x video went viral. Hundreds of students of the university trooped to the Independence Hall on Monday evening. The students were looking for the s£x tape girl who was believed to be a resident of the Independence Hall. After hours of waiting and noise making, the police force were deployed to dispersed the students and calm the situation.

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An exclusive insider information reaching, suggest that the said s£x tape victim was not a student of KNUST after all. After the video went viral, we began  investigations to identify the guy behind the camera in the KNUST Scandal. Our interactions with a lot of student on campus proved futile on knowing the identity of the guy or the whereabouts of the girl.

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The university also opened an investigation into the scandal and our source was able to come across the findings of the University. According to our source, The university checked the different room numbers being brought out and the names too. None of them led to the said lady. They even checked well the name but even the only one they could match it to, the lady wasn’t in first year, and the picture doesn’t resemble the s£x tape victim at all. He also revealed that the University will soon release a statement about their findings.