KKD Rape Saga: Ewuraffe was a Virgin, Prosecution Statement reveals

The prosecution’s statement of KKD’s alleged rape case contains details of how KKD forcibly slept with Ewuraffe Orleans-Thomp­son who happens to be a virgin on that 27th December night at African Regent Hotel in Accra.

Although Ewuraffe has dropped her charges, the State is still pursuing the case and bent on prosecuting the popular entertainer.

Below is the prosecutions’ statement.

EWUREFFE ORLEANS THOMPSON Will say that she is a student and lives at Katamanso with her parents. That on 27 December 2014, she accompanied her cousin Abena Konadu Owusu-Akyaw, to attend the ‘Rip The Runway’ Fashion show at the African Regent Hotel, Airport. That when they arrived at the hotel they met Kofi Kyei, Abena Konadu Owusu-Akyaw’s brother who was also one of the organisers of the event. That since the event had not started, she and Abena Konadu Owusu-Akyaw decided to go for a walk. That on their way out, at the drop off area they met the accused who immediately said “Wow! What beautiful girls. You are glamazons’.

That he asked about their schools and wanted to know if they were models. That they answered in the negative. That the accused asked that they wait with him for his cousin Kofi Okyere Darko hereinafter referred to as “KOD”. That she and Abena agreed and followed the accused to the lobby and when KOD arrived the accused introduced her and Abena as his new friends. That after exchanging pleasantries accused intimated that he wanted to make them the face of Ghana Tourism Campaign’and they took photographs to that effect.

That she, Abena, the accused, KoD and David Blanco went upstairs where they were led into a suite. That Blanco left the suite, leaving the four of them on the balcony of the suite. That the accused left them and walked into the living room beckoning at her to join him.

That when she joined him the accused asked her to help him powder his face as he walked towards the bathroom. That as soon as she entered the bathroom the accused locked the door and pulled her by the hand, held her really close and started caressing her.

That she was alarmed and pulled away but the accused got aggressive, turned her and bent her over the wash hand basin and tried penetrating her from behind.

That she resisted and screamed and begged him to leave her alone. That she cried and begged the accused to let her go as she was a virgin and had not done anything like that before.

That the accused’s overwhelming body weight on her made it difficult for her to free her hands and push him away. That since the accused refused to let her go, in trying to deter him, she asked if he had a condom but he said he did not have a condom.

That she tried outwitting the accused by saying she would come another time, in order for him to let her go but the accused did not budge.

That the accused opened her legs, pulled her panties down and finally succeeded in penetrating her. That after the intercourse with her against her will she was bleeding and the accused handed her tissue paper to wipe up and told her to sit on the water closet and allow the blood to flow.

That accused gave her more tissue to pad up as he washed his pen!s. That the accused promised to give her Postinor B to avoid pregnancy.

That shortly after someone knocked on the door and the accused responded and he asked her to be quick.

That she tidied up and flushed the blood and stained tissue papers in the water closet and they walked out.

That when they came out she informed Abena that the accused had raped her. That she was crying and told Abena everything that had happened.

That Abena called her brother and after narrating everything to him, they took her to Nyaho Medical Centre where she was examined. That they then went to the Airport Police Station where she lodged a complaint.

That she was given a medical form to attend a government hospital. That she went to the Police Hospital where she was examined and she submitted the endorsed forms to the police.

That she gave statements to the Police.

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As I slowly nibbled her nipple with both hands……unto her bum, she slid her hand down from my back to my waist line, and touched my crotch. We kissed again for over a minute before I caressed her face and thighs.

She rested her bum on the sink and parted her thighs. We kissed some more as  unfastened my zipper and she ……nibbled my ear.

We made love for nearly 11 minutes after which she sat on the toilet seat and wiped her face with a towel. I washed my face and wiped myself with tissue, then we both re-arranged our clothes, she set her hair back in place. While she was tidying up her hair, somebody knocked on the unlocked door and said Kofi had rung that the program is about to begin.

We came out of the bathroom within a moment of the knock. Effie and I kissed in the living room and left with Akua and Kofi. We headed for the stairs as we converse. Effie and Akua walked me to the entrance of the fashion show.

An usher in a branded T-shirt then asked to lead me to my seat. Effie said they were going to help with guests at the entrance as I was led to my seat. I sat through an almost two hour thirty minutes show and at the end looked to find Effie.

On not finding her by the poolside, I walked into the lobby area where some guests had returned to. I sat in a seat where there was a good view of guests movement in the lobby. I sat there with Kofi, Benny and other guests who were getting drinks. We had a club sandwich but I walked up to the models area to see if I could find Effie.

I took she was busy and came back down to……… Kofi, Benny and other guest in the lobby in the hope that she will come by. After some forty minutes and more, I waited in the lobby. A gentleman in a uniform came over and spoke politely that my presence was required at the airport police station to help with investigations.

I asked what the matter was and the officer advised that I would be informed. I left my drink and called my driver to pick myself and the police officer up. I noticed another police officer who had come into the lobby too, to join a pickup. We drove after the pick to the police station. This is my true statement. I have been told that I can correct and or alter anything I wish. I made this statement at my own free will.

Statements obtained from Ghanaweb.com