See as Kankam pens down one lovely message to celebrate his birthday today

Kankam, who recently released one dope tune with Fameye titled #Maadwoa, an Acoustic Guitarist, a Songwriter, a Performer and a Sister to one song bird YaaYaa (Bertha) has today being his birthday penned down one lovely message to celebrate this day

In the message, the musician turns to thank God, later turned to his Family, his Friends and to his Fans as well for all Love and Support shown as it’s hoped by him this new chapter gets him and all manners mentioned into Greatness and Territory Enlargement. Read full message below:

I’m +1 today and my utmost gratitude goes out to the giver of life, my refuge and fortress Yeshua hamashiach for sustaining, protecting and ordering my steps. And to my family, friends, acquaintances and fans, I wanna succinctly say THANK YOU for the love and your incessant support. May this new chapter usher us into greatness and enlargement of territory. 🌞👑