#KalyppoChallenge: Greenstreet says #CoconutIsBetter

The tense political campaign in Ghana has taken another twist. This new twist has immensely reduced the tension in the runoff to the upcoming general elections. It all started with the #KalyppoChallenge on Social media.

The #KalyppoChallenge started when leader of the opposition new patriotic party (NPP)  was captured having a good time with the locally produced fruit juice called Kalyppo. This photo went viral and almost everyone in Ghana has weighed into this craze.  People are now taking selfies of themselves sipping some kalyppo.

Apparently, another presidential aspirant, from the Convention Peoples Party CPP has taken the whole craze to another level.  He posted a picture of himself drinking Coconut and captioned it #CoconutIsBetter

The CPP’s James Kwabena Bomfeh responded to the post, “Nature and natural things always offer us the best….. We need to care for our environment and ensure that we get the best from what the good Lord has endowed us……. Get Kube! Get Coconut! Go Ghana, Go Green! Go Greenstreet!!!!