Judge claims Gunman was sane and this is why

The judge who presided over the case in which the man arrested for illegal possession of a firearm at the Ringway Assemblies of God church has dismissed questions over the mental capacity of the accused. 

Charles Antwi confessed in court on Tuesday that he went to the church on Sunday with the intention of killing President Mahama. 

He told an amazed courtroom that he believed killing the President would enable him to take over his position. 

The prosecution initially called the gunman’s sanity into question following his claims, suggesting that he be taken to a mental institution.

However, Justice Francis Obiri rejected this, stating that Mr. Antwi’s demeanor and confidence while making his claims showed that he was sane. 

Charles Antwi insisted that trying to kill the president was a way of fighting for the nation and explained that the nation’s current electoral system is not helping to improve democracy. 

He has since been sentenced to 10 years in prison for the unlawful possession of a firearm.

Credit: GhanaWeb.com