Is David Oscar a Ghanaian? Yvonne Nelson asks.


The recent comment by Ghanaian comedian, David Oscar, has pushed actress Yvonne Nelson to the wall to inquire whether the former is Ghanaian or not.

The award-winning Ghanaian actress took to her twitter page Friday morning and rhetorically asked her followers if the comedian is indeed a Ghanaian who resides in the country.

She tweeted,

“What a shame! Is David Oscar Ghanaian? Does he live in Gh?

Yvonne Nelson, who is uncomfortable with the excessive load – shedding Ghanaians are facing initiated a social media campaign called #DumsorMustStop. The objective of the campaign, according to the actress, is to mount pressure on the Ghanaian government to fix the energy crisis. She therefore called on her colleague celebrities and all Ghanaians to join the campaign.

Several celebrities heeded to the call but Ghanaian comedian, David Oscar, took to his Facebook page to announce his disinterest in the campaign, as well as the upcoming #DumsorMustStop Vigil.

According to David, he was not going to be hypocritical and join the ongoing campaign. He continued by saying Ghana is full of fault seekers and less of vision implementers.


Credit: Daily Graphic