I’m Still Single Because All The Guys I’ve Met So Far Couldn’t Meet My Standard – Caroline Sampson

Ghanaian radio and television personality, Caroline Sampson has revealed why she is still single despite getting closer to menopause. Caroline in an interaction with Zionfelix disclosed she is still single because all the men who have come her way failed to meet her relationship standard and expectations.

The 34-year-old mother of one stated clearly that although she has been involved in a couple of relationships, most of the men she gets involved with have low relationship IQ, therefore, the relationships usually end before they even begin.

She further made the point that most of the men she has also dated in the times past usually couldn’t control their ego because they couldn’t comprehend that they are going out with an independent woman like her.

When she was asked what she will look out for in a man before she enters another relationship, Caroline stated that she wants a man who is most importantly working and somehow stable financially. Besides, the man should be someone with deep thinking ability because she’s an independent woman with a lot of experiences.