I will marry and Shock You – Fred Nuamah


Fred Nuamah, celebrity bachelor and Chief Executive of the Ghana Movie Awards, has told NEWS-ONE he will not die a bachelor and has asked his fans to tone down the pressure on him to get married.

Mr Nuamah was responding to a news report by the paper that there was intense family pressure on him to find a wife.

Fred, in his response, said he would marry “soon” but did not tell the paper when or who exactly he intends to marry.

He is still single in his 40s and has remained resolute despite the numerous comments and growing public concern.

But now it seems the wait is over. He told journalists on Friday that

“I will get married and shock you people”.

This was when he attended the premiere of Venus Film’s new movie, True Lies, at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra.

He stepped out during the evening in an all-black outfit and was in the company of two fair beautiful ladies who had sandwiched him.

One of the ladies spoke with an American accent and the other, a Ghanaian accent.

However, Fred denied any amorous affiliations with any of the ladies.

According to him, they were a friend’s wife and a sister.

The search for a wife for him is still ongoing, and NEWS-ONE has learnt he has already rejected some ladies suggested to him by some friends.

Mr Nuamah recently posted on social media that

“being married won’t heal you and being single won’t kill you. Waiting on God is never a waste of time…I am waiting on God.”

In 2011, NEWS-ONE broke a story of how Fred was seen running out of a luxurious hotel in Accra with a half [email protected] woman chasing him and screaming,

“Fred you must f*** me today.”

The story had said the incident raised a lot of eyebrows and that Fred, dressed in a black designer suit, was said to be walking very briskly while struggling to knot his tie as if he was not the one the half [email protected] woman was running after.

Her name was given as Chantal and the source had said she was dressed in an exceptionally short skirt and a bare-back Lycra top and that she was holding something that looked like a black brazier.

“The woman was shouting on top of her voice and throwing her hands all over so everyone started looking at her… Fred behaved like a gentleman and continued walking; he did not even look at her till he got to the car park. I could not hear what exactly he told her before entering his car but quickly drove off. It was silver coloured Porsche Cayenne Four Wheel Drive with a Togo registered number plate.

“But the woman jumped into a taxi and followed him,”

the source had narrated.

Fred Nuamah had remained tight-lipped over that matter and would not even pass the conventional “no comment” response, but NEWS-ONE’s checks had revealed that the said hotel was near the 37 Military Hospital in Accra and that he had checked in the night before.

Fred is a trendy celebrity believed to have wealth. He is a bachelor and has not hidden the fact that he is currently not dating.

Credit: Daily Guide.