I did not plan to marry Damilola – Chris Attoh confesses

Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh has revealed that he did not plan to get married to his Nigerian actress-wife, Damilola Adegbite.

Chris, in an interview with Happenings inNigeria, said he was only determined to get a piece of her and move on.

“I will not lie to you, maybe the most I thought of was, ‘I have got to have some of that’. But if someone said at that time that she would be my wife, I would probably have said, ‘You are joking’”,

he said.

The actor continued:

“The first day I saw Damilola, she had a way of entering a room and stealing all the attention and so there was no way I could not have noticed her.

“But working together, living together and growing up as a family, I have to say that God has blessed us in our relationship. You know, I have learnt to be her friend, the man in her life and right now I enjoy being her husband.”

The two met on the set of a television series, Tinsel, some years ago and later started a relationship.

They are now married with a child.