“I Am Single Because Most Guys Don’t Have The Balls…” – Yvonne Okoro Laments

You might probably be wondering why most female celebrities in Ghana find it difficult to settle down? Well, Yvonne Okoro, who happens to one of these celebs has opened up on why they go through such fate. According to the Ghanaian actress, she and her counterparts are single because they find it hard distinguishing between genuine and fake lovers.

Speaking to Showbiz in an interview, Yvonne said most female celebrities are of the view that most men are attracted to them because of their fame and the little money they have and not because of real love.

She said:

“A good number of celebs are single because they are confused as to who to accept in their life. You see, you are not sure if the person is coming in because of your fame and money or the person wants to be with you because of real love”.

“The issue is men don’t have balls to come forward to ask me out because they think I am already hooked or perhaps I am very high maintenance.

“Also, I may still be single because most people think celebrities are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing partners but that is a very wrong perception.”

The actress and producer added that although she is single, she is not searching but will accept any man who has a bright future and works hard.

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