High waves destroy homes and properties in Fuveme

High waves have once again destroyed homes and properties of Fuveme residents in the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region. The waves which swept through the whole community destroyed the only school in the area.

According to a resident of Fuveme, Bright Agbeko, the temporal structure which is used by pupils has also been washed away by the waves.

He said that it will be very difficult for pupils to walk to Atiteti, a community far away from Fuveme to school as most of them are very young.

“The children are too young to walk all the way to Atiteti to attend school and it is more difficult because it is an island.

Government should come to the aid of the island communities to as soon as possible” Agbeko said

The residents have appealed to government for a sea defense wall to protect the coastal belt  but they were not ready to relocate as suggested by the Municipal Assembly and the Member of Parliament (MP).

“We want as a matter of urgency, the construction of a sea defense wall so that we can also have peace of mind, we are not ready for a relocation”.

Meanwhile, the MP for Anlo, Clemence Kofi Humado said an immediate evacuation to safer grounds is the best choice for the meantime and not a sea defense wall he also explained that should residents continue to live in the affected areas, their lives may be endangered.

Humado also explained that a new site has been prepared for the people where a school is currently been constructed “ the best solution is to get them relocated to safer grounds as governments try its best to provide a permanent solution to the problem,” Humado cautioned.

The MP also said that the Keta Assembly is faced with the challenge of sourcing funds for the sea defense wall to be built.

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