Hajia4Real pregnant and this is the baby daddy

According to reports from Ghana Celebrities, Mona aka Hajia4Real who shot to fame as the former-girlfriend of millionaire and businessman, Kenpong is currently PREGNANT —and the baby is due in a few weeks.

It’s a baby girl, a source close to Mona revealed to Ghana Celebrities

If you are thinking Kenpong is responsible then hold that thought. It is not his pregnancy. Kokonsagh.com sought out to find out the identity of the man who is responsible for the pregnancy.

We managed to secure a photo of him which he took with Shatta Wale not long ago when Shatta visited United States, according to Ghana Celebrities this is our man.

Mona’s baby daddy pictured with Shatta Wale
Mona’s baby daddy pictured with Shatta Wale

Mona’s boyfriend is well placed too when it comes to MONEY and he is the one currently financing the seemingly lavish lifestyle Mona is flaunting on social media.