Grammatical Criticism; Read this if you criticise grammatical errors everyday

grammatical criticism, Grammar

Are you that person who always find problems or grammatical errors with others speech or write-ups? Are you that person who always criticise others grammar?, but remember Criticism doesn’t make you a better person, but it rather makes you a person who doesn’t think but claim to know, intelligent people don’t have time to criticise others because they are seriously thinking of making an impact on the life of others.

One thing that’s important about speech or write-ups is the impact on the life of the audience and not the grammatical constructions so once the person is able to deliver and people understand what he or she actually meant is the important thing and not grammar, intelligent people are always busy trying to think and solve issues not to wait for others speech or write ups and they will criticise grammar in it.

If you are this type of person who always criticise others write-ups or speeches, please access yourself and see whether you are actually making progress or retarding your thinking, Mr. Criticizer don’t misunderstand me, correction, response are different from Criticism, yes Criticisms are sometimes use to make corrections on others but how often does it happen just a few times, you can always find fault with others grammar, but remember also that people have made without correct grammar. Thank you…..

Written by Suntaa Ibrahim