Going down? How to get more oral pleasure

Some women love it but most hate it. So how do you stop oral s£x being a once in a blue moon treat and turn it into a regular feature in your relationship? Read on to find out how.

Clean up

Your girlfriend is going to be exploring your nether regions with her tongue, which is rich with taste buds. If you don’t taste good, she’s not going to want to go there again. So before you’re partner takes a trip down south, make sure you’ve freshened yourself up. If you think the shower you had in the morning before work will see you through to the time you get home, then think again. You’ll no doubt have used the toilet a few times and sweated a bit, so your meat and two veg are not going to taste too good. If you want your partner to be more enthusiastic about oral s£x then make sure you wash right before the action begins. A shared bath or shower makes for great foreplay.

Trim up

Many men think that only women need to keep their lady gardens in check. But if you want regular oral you need to keep yourself neat and tidy too. It’s just not pleasing having to battle through the pubes to get to the crown jewels.

A taste sensation

If your partner still doesn’t like going down on you because of the taste, try covering it up. Use a <> or use foods like chocolate sauce and whipped cream and have her lick them off you. Any girl with a sweet tooth should enjoy this s£xy treat.

Get comfy

Simple, comfortable positions are the best way to encourage your partner to keep giving oral pleasure. Having her kneel on a hard surface or perform some acrobatic type move as she takes you in her mouth is going to be uncomfortable for her, and she’ll be less likely to want a repeat performance. To make oral s£x easy for her, the best position would probably be for you to lie on your back on the bed as she kneels over you or lies beside you.

Don’t force it

Never, under any circumstance, push your partner’s head down to your crotch as an indicator that you want oral s. ex. That move is simply not going to have the desired effect. She should be going down there of her own free will. You can try to encourage her by telling her how much you’d like to feel her hot mouth on you, or, if that doesn’t work, ask directly for what you want.

It’s not a movie

Don’t expect your partner to deep-throat you – that very rarely happens outside of an R18 movie. And don’t be tempted to grab her head and control her movements either; that’s just a tacky move that will likely put your girl off going down on you for good. Let her be in total control of the situation, she will feel much more comfortable if she can control how far into her mouth she takes you and sets the rhythm.


Some women lack confidence when giving head. So rather than let her shoot in the dark, give your partner positive feedback on what feels good and tactfully guide her if there is something in particular you would like her to do. Make noises and let your body language give her an indication of how it feels for you. You should give your partner fair warning when you are about to orgasm, so that she can prepare to duck, swallow or do whatever it is she chooses to.
Give a little oral, get a little oral

As with most things, it’s all about give and take. You’re much more likely to get more fellatio if you are willing to return the favour. So don’t be afraid to head south yourself.

Hopefully, making these changes will make oral seks more enjoyable for you partner, which in turn will lead to more oral action for you. Enjoy!

Credit: Sara Gibson – Getfrank