Gloria Sarfo details on how she lost her pregnancy

Not long ago, a gentleman named Justice proposed marriage on stage to actress and TV personality, Gloria Sarfo. Later, it was reported that the actress, who accepted the proposal, was pregnant for the man.

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Gloria Sarfo, in a revealing interview with Delay on The Delay Show, has revealed that she was indeed pregnant but she lost the pregnancy. She also disclosed that it wasn’t easy for her at all when she had the miscarriage and more.

“Yes, I was pregnant but I had a miscarriage, which brought so many complications and later on my stomach still looked as if I was still pregnant; it was a whole lot of complications where I have to move from one hospital to another,”

Gloria explained.

Narrating her ordeal, she said,

“Delay, it wasn’t easy for me at all, I stand on stage looking bubbly and lovely, people always see me thinking I’m happy but within me…”

Meanwhile, Gloria has ended her relationship with the gentleman. According to her, family complications and other issues led to that.