Man Rejects Girlfriends public proposal at Accra Mall (Watch Video)

Another public proposal gone wrong! There has been an increase in ladies proposing marriage to men in Ghana recently and most of them are also done publicly. Sometimes it goes so well but other times ladies get what I would probably term the worst humiliation in their lives by being rejected publicly.

Once again, another girl proposed to her boyfriend at the Accra mall, in a romantic way as she goes down on her knees in-front of everyone, only for the boyfriend to reject her public proposal.

The video is fast trending on Social media and in the video, you could tell the girl even paid people to hold placards as she goes on her knees to propose to her boyfriend. This is not the first time, someone is proposing to her boyfriend, that it backfired, we’ve seen several of such videos and shared them with you but well….

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According to the person who first posted the video, it happened last night at the Accra Mall. One question I keep asking myself is; If a lady proposes marriage to a man, will they(Ladies) also be responsible for the wedding cost and even taking care of the home financially? Maybe some men might not be ready financially and they feel regardless of who proposed they will still be responsible for the wedding and taking care of the house. This may probably be the reason why men keep rejecting the ladies’ proposal.

Watch The Video And Share Your Thoughts.