So This Is What The Girl “Whose Proposal Was Rejected Publicly” is saying; I Can’t Think Far

elorm ama governor-ababio

Earlier, shared a story of a girl who’s proposal to her boyfriend got rejected at the mall. This video went viral quickly on the internet and people people really felt sorry for her (I did too). Some ladies used that opportunity to devour guys and sought to use that incident to strengthen their stance on not trusting guys. (We no bore)

Watch Video: Man Rejects Girlfriends public proposal at Accra Mall 

Well, It seems the lady in question really pranked us all. The girl who was seen proposing in the video is known as Elorm Ama Governor-Ababio and her Instagram bio says she’s  just 19 years and a Vlogger. So according to her, she did that as a social experiment to send out a number of messages. She says it’s got nothing to do with women not proposing.

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Her full post read:

So I did a social experiment at the Accra mall last night. This became necessary to send out a number of messages and none of them include women not proposing!
The full video will be out soon plus an explanation as to why I made this video. Make sure to retweet and repost as much as you can. We are sending a message to the world.