10 rich Ghanaian food you should eat before you leave Ghana

Hello there, I don’t normally do food blogging, but most times I get readers from foreign countries asking me lots of questions about the Ghanaian food. So I have decided to put down a list of awesome foods (including my favourite) for you to try out anytime you find yourself in Ghana.

1. Jollof rice

Every West African country has its own version of this delicacy, but Ghana’s own is the best ever. Find out from any west african and they will admit Ghana’s jollof is on top of the charts. It basically comes down to being a tomatoey rice dish with lots of good, hot pepper and ground fish powder. This should be the first on your list of Ghanaian food any time you travel to west africa.

2. Puff puffs

Ghanaian food Puff Puff Doughnut

Deep-fried, hot, sugary doughnuts popularly known in Ghana as “Bofrot”, is one of the best snacks we would take to school in the early 2000’s.

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3. Cassava patties

Cassava Patties Ghanaian food

Nothing wets your appetite like how this would. The cassava patties are infinitely sweeter and more delicious. Dip in some spicy pepper sauce and you’re away. Recipe

4. Kelewele and groundnuts

Ghanaian food Kelewele

My personal favourite. Hot, crispy ripe plantain on a plate of pan-fried peanuts is the kind of snack everbody in Ghana loves. Kids are discerning when it comes to delicious food.

5. Red red

Ghanaian food Red Red - Beans and Gari

This black-eyed-peas–based mush is as stodgy and comforting as it gets. Cooked in red palm oil and pepper, it’s deceptively tasty – particularly the singed bits. It could be taking alongside fried ripe plantain and gari. When you talk of rich Ghanaian food, Red Red is definitely going to be in that list.

6. Kenkey and sardines

Ghanaian food Kenkey

Traditionally eaten for breakfast, this combo of protein and carb will get you going through those miserable November mornings. Kenkey is kind of like the dumpling-like, corn equivalent of sour dough and goes perfectly with any oily fish. You can buy it at any West African store or any where in Ghana, wrapped in banana leaves and ready to heat in the microwave.

8. Tuo Zaafi

tuo zaafi Ghanaian food

Tuo zaafi is a popular main dish of the people of Northern Region of Ghana. The dish consists primarily of cooked Maize dough plus a little dried cassava dough and water without salt . Tuo Zaafi can be eaten with almost every single soup you can think of, but it is best eaten with ‘Ayoyo’. It is mainly eaten with green vegetable soup made from bitter leave or sometimes, freshly pounded cassava leaves.

9. Fufu and light soup.

 Ghanaian food Fufu and light soup

This is another identifiable food in the list of Ghanaian food. It’s light, it’s low calorie, and it’s full of peppery, vitamin goodness. Light soup is basically a hot, tomatoe broth with ground fish powder and bits of meat or fish. It is one meal that significantly shows you came to Ghana.

10. Banku

grilled_tilapia_with_banku Ghanaian food

And now finally, my personal favourite. if you come to Ghana and you dont have a taste of my favourite, then you better not say you came to Ghana. It is prepared by a mixture of fermented corn dough and cassava dough in hot water into a smooth. Served with soup, stew or a pepper sauce with fish, but I prefer it with okro stew (You should try that). Banku is found everywhere in Ghana, and is one of the staple foods enjoyed by all tribes in the country.