My Freedom song was inspired by Patapaa’s ‘One Corner’ -Shatta Wale

Freedom Ara b vs Shatta Wale Sergeant lee

Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has revealed that his hit song, ‘Freedom’ was inspired by Patapaa’s ‘One corner’ song.

Shatta Wale called on Ghanaians to start appreciating patapaa because he, Wale believes that Patapaa is a blessing from God to Ghanaians .

He further revealed that Sarkodie discouraged the idea when he discussed it with him but  Patapaa’s ‘One corner’ inspired him to produce ‘Freedom’.

Shatta Wale charged Ghanaians to support talents and stop the habit of discouraging artistes.

Shatta Wale said, “the song is to motivate people to love and promote the Ghanaian culture abroad.”

“I did it for Sarkodie and the inspiration came from Patapaa. God has blessed Patapaa. Ghanaians love some kind of culture and if you do it for them they would relate. He brought another trend in music.”

“Ghanaians will be the best musicians in the world if we support each other. Now Patapaa is playing shows in Liberia. Where are all those against him? Ghanaians should learn and not bring people down”.

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