Four-day-old Baby missing at bimbila hospital and guess who is being investigated

A four-day-old baby girl has gone missing in a bizarre circumstances at the maternity ward of the Bimbilla Government Hospital in the Northern region.

The mother of the four-day-old baby, Tinam Bechebilambi from a village called Juhanayili said she woke up Friday dawn to breastfeed her baby only find out that she was nowhere to be found. DSP Benjamin Annuah, Police Commander of the Nanumba North district in the Northern region who confirmed the incident said the security officer and nurses on duty have been picked up for interrogation. DSP Benjamin narrated that the mother of the missing baby said a nurse on duty came for her daughter to pierce her but returned her later.

Surprisingly, The husband of the woman is also being investigated after abandoning the woman at the facility and only came back to visit her wife hours before the baby disappeared.