Ghana Music Council President, Ekow Micah Slams Shatta Wale for ‘Kpuu Kpaa’

ekow micah

Ghanaian musician and President of the Ghana Music Council, Ekow Micah is not happy with the lyrical content in some Ghanaian songs. He specifically pointed fingers at the lyrical content of Shatta Wale’s hit song ‘Kpuu Kpaa,’.

Ekow Micah told Christian Agyei Frimpong on Onua FM’s entertainment show last Saturday that the ‘kpuu kpaa’ in the song is onomatopoeic of farts.

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“A friend of mine told me his child came home singing ‘kpuu kpaa kpuu kpaa.’ When we were children you dare not talk about fart in the presence of elders. The song talks about farts,”

he said.

He said the current generation of musicians is not doing good music that will impact positively on the people that listen.

Ekow Micah also bemoaned the weak systems and structures of the industry saying nothing seem to be working in the music industry.

“The Ghana Music Council was the only body that could have solved the industry’s problems but unfortunately we were not given the necessary push. I have been in the industry for a long time so my contribution is the solution,”

he stressed.

Ekow has been in the music industry for about 30 years with about ten albums such as ‘Ashanti Reggae,’ ‘Nansayi Wayefe,’ ‘Masiwo Hemaa,’ ‘Odo Kasa,’ ‘95 Cedis’ amongst others.