Don’t Relate Everything I Say To Shatta Wale And My Complicated Relationship – Shatta Michy Fires


It looks like Shatta Wale’s baby mama Shatta Michy is tired of people poking their nose in her ‘complicated’ relationship. She cannot believe every action she takes these days is related to Shatta Wale in one way or another.

According to her, she’s really tired of that and people should allow her to live her life without adding Shatta Wale into everything.

Shatta Wale and his baby mama are rumoured to be going through some serious relationship problems and even Wale’s comments on the break-up show he’s dealing with some pain.

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According to Michy, whenever she makes a post people invariably misinterpret it and attributes it to Shatta.

She tagged their complicated relationship ‘situationship.’

“Hi fam, can you all pls not relate every post of mine to my “SITUATION-ship” ?? I can’t give thanks to God in peace again?? Relax ,people”.

she wrote.