BUSTED: DKB Chopped A Girl & Gave Her GHC 200 Out of GHC 1,300 Fees He Promised Her (Screenshot)

In another revelation made by the anonymous snapchat whistle blower known as fatpu$$y, comedian DKB had benged a girl who asked him for money to pay her school fees.

According to the whistle blower, The girl in question requested for Ghc1,300 to pay her fees from DKB  and he accepted to honor her request. He then asked to meet her at a hotel around Lapaz where he benged the hell out of her and gave her nothing but promised to get the money for her.

A week later, DKB sent her Ghc200 only, saying that was all he could afford. The girl got disappointed as she wasn’t able to pay for her fees.

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Now I just don’t get why these ladies would have sex with people for money. I don’t personally believed this school fees bullshit and thus I would not tag the girl as innocent. We all have choices we make and sometimes we make the wrong choices based on our greed and laziness. There are a lot of hardworking ladies who work their ass off to pay their school fees and she decided to just give out her ‘cherry’ for the fees.

DKB BUsted