Diet: Why it is ok to eat burgers after Gym workout


We from have a Good news for all those who workout. If you were worried about eating your favourite burgers and chips, then worry no more. Because burgers and chips could be better than your usual supplements after a work out.

A new study says that, in small doses, fast food can be just as effective as sports drinks.

So a little portion of burgers and chips could be as good at encouraging muscle recovery and restoring nutrients after intense cardio sessions.

Researchers at the University of Montana in the US studied 11 fit male cyclists and compared their performance after a rest and snack period with sports supplements such as energy bars or fast food.

Exercise physiologist and co-author Brent Ruby said:

‘Our results show that eating fast food – in the right amounts – can provide the same potential for muscle glycogen as sports nutrition products that usually cost more.’

However, he stressed that the study does not promote fast food as a healthy option.

Mr Ruby said:

‘We had participants eating small servings of the fast-food products, not giant orders of burgers and fries. Moderation is the key to the results we got.’