Diamond Appiah says Mzbel invited Rev. Josh Laryea to abuse her; She also said this

rev Josh laryea, Mzbel

Ghanaian musician-Mzbel, revealed she had suffered some sort of  abuse in the hands of ICGC’s suspended Rev Josh Laryea.  Mzbel herself recently posted on Facebook, claiming to have been vindicated by the new by the suspension of Rev Josh Laryea due to some immoral acts.

Commenting on the alleged Mzbel s*xual assault which she calls molestation by Rev. Josh Laryea, Diamond Appiah, a big time rival of Mzbel has taken to Facebook to comment, sort of saying Mzbel deserved whatever came her way.

She wrote:

“When cheap prostitutes go to church to seduce men of God, they get molested! When u go to the house of God with a clear conscience n a clean heart to worship God, I dont think any man of God can make s*xual advances on you unless u avail urself for that. So stop blaming the Man of God, blame the demonic promiscuous agents of darkness that go to church for other purposes. If u want a man, look elsewhere not the pastors at church. I dont believe a grown ass women can be molested by a pastor unless she allowed herself down that lane. Rev Josh laryea is human n his body ‘nobi firewood. oh ye prostitutes’ STOP FLIRTING WITH MEN OF GOD!! Allow them to do their work in peace.”

The controversial Afia Schwarzenegger earlier took to social media, requesting ICGC to apologise to Mzbel for covering up Rev. Josh Laryea’s abuse.

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A few days ago, a letter dated March 29, 2017, issued by The Church Council stated among other things that, “The Presbytery has authorised the Disciplinary Committee to look into the allegations leveled against Rev. Laryea”.

It also added that “Rev. Josh Laryea is being withdrawn from the pulpit and thereby the Doxa Temple with immediate effect. This is to allow the Committee carry out its work uninterrupted.”

Per the statement, a new pastor will be assigned to the Doxa Temple and it urged Rev Laryea to fully co-operate with the leadership of the church in the investigation.

According to 247filla.com investigations,a source revealed that the said immoral act that led to Rev. Laryea’s suspension it was to do with an intimate affair with a woman who is not his wife.

Many have since commented on the issue–with a bunch of social media users even claiming that Rev. Josh Laryea is a s*xual predator and his actions go as far as his Central University College days.