D Black is a terrible rapper but a Good businessman – DJ Black

Africa’s number one DJ, DJ Black, known privately as Kwadwo Ampofo, rapper  D-Black is a terrible rapper.

According to him, although D-Black is not technically gifted with the rap art, he is very good in the entertainment business.

DJ Black sparked the controversy on the Open House Party on Joy FM Saturday when he asked two of his guests Papi of 5Five and underground rapper Obibini “Who are you not feeling?” 

The question was to seek their views on who they thought was a horrible rapper in the Ghanaian music industry.

The two rappers, considering the weight of the question, failed to m
ention names and kept their cards close their chests.

Papi responded:

“No need to mention names but they are all doing well…I don’t listen to people I don’t feel so I’m feeling everybody I listen to.”

Whiles Obibini also responded:

“So many people but it will be [suicidal] to mention some names…let’s celebrate our variety we all cannot be the same,”

Papi quickly posed the same question to DJ Black:

“Who are you not feeling Black?”

In what he described as an answer “without fear or favour”, DJ Black said he is not feeling rapper D-Black.

He said

“I’m not feeling D-Black. I know you guys are like ‘Oh my God did he just say that’….I think he is a good promoter, good businessman but his rap not me. I have said it but I don’t know what you guys think.”

D black has been under constant criticism because of his rap by music lovers and his colleagues. Most music lovers claim his rap is wack and that he is just lucky to be making it in the music industry. Fokn Bois made up of M3nsa and Wanlov da Kubolor are also some of the few musicians who think D black is not a good rapper.