Criss waddle slams reggie rockstone for this

AMG business CEO, Criss Waddle has taken his troubles to the Grand Papa of Hip Life Reggie Rockstone.

Waddle , in a radio interview Tuesday night registered his dissapointment in Reggie Rockstone, who wore the controversial AdLdas’ hoodie to the just ended VGMAs in support of Wale.

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The Ayi hit maker, in a radio interview yester night registered his frustration as to why Reggie wore Shatta’s AdLdas to the just ended VGMAs in support of Wale. As many music lovers did not find any fault in the Grand Papa’s act, Criss Waddle thinks otherwise.

“I will call Shatta tomorrow morning because Bulldog told me he wasn’t happy with our situation.”

Waddle told Dr. Pounds on Hitz FM.

“VIP also called us when the situation came. Not Reggie Rockstone. He does doesn’t act right. As a God Father in Hip Life, you brought Hip Life, you cannot tell us he doesn’t tell know what is happening.”
“I don’t even understand it. I can be a man in my house and watch my kids misbehave. When I mentioned VIP, the first person you mentioned was Reggie and I told you he doesn’t act right. Because as Grand Papa of Hip Life he could have called Shatta and I to settle the issue. He can even call me or Shatta separately calm the situation. You don’t wear AdLdas to VGMAs.
“I lost respect for Reggie Rocstone because of that thing. Was he taking sides or what was he trying to do. Was he trying to say it was OK Shatta and I was in that situation? On the real, Reggie Rockstone could have been the best person to maintain peace. He could have worn a Criss Waddle footwear and then a Shatta’s AdLdas hoodie to prove he wanted unity.
“When you speak the truth, people say you are disrespectful. Someone from VIP, Prodigal hit me up on FaceTime and was like he didn’t like what was going on. Why do we even call him the Grand Papa. He doesn’t act right. No Grand Father will be at home have children do whatever they want.”

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