Bullet Claps back at Wale; “Shatta knows 2017 Ebony did a lot more than he did…”

Ebony - most played songs in Ghana 2017

Manager of Ebony Reigns, Bullet of Ruff N Smooth, has clapped back at Shatta Wale’s claim that if nominated he would win artist of the year over Ebony.

Bullet in a video interview said Ebony had five hits in 2017 and Shatta can only boast of three therefore Ebony is will win the 2018 VGMA top awards even if he, Shatta Wale is nominated.

Bullet said Wale was big a few years ago but in 2017 nobody can stand up to Ebony.

“If it were 2013/14/15/16 I would’ve said Shatta is right but Shatta knows 2017 Ebony did a lot more than he did… Shatta never had like 5 hits,”

he said.

“..When you say major hits, Shatta had ‘Ayoo’ and ‘Taking Over’ and later in the year he had ‘Freedom’. ‘Forgetti’ is a normal hit and he knows it. ‘Forgetti’ is not bigger that ‘Taking Over’ and he knows it. It’s ‘Ayoo’, Taking Over and Freedom, making it 3 hits.

“Ebony has ‘Poison’, ‘Sponsor’, ‘Date your Father, ‘Hustle’ and ‘Maame Hw3’; I mean let’s be real, Shatta, if it was like last year and last two years he would be right but now, I don’t think so…”

Bullet added.

The ‘Dancehall King’ recently asked Ebony to pray he, Shatta is not nominated for the 2018 VGMA’s; which will pave way for the Ebony to win big at the awards.