Bukom Banku was in court today and this is what happened

Controversial Ghanaian boxer, Braimah Kamoko, popularly known as Bukom Banku today appeared in court to prevent the issuing of a bench warrant against him.

Police prosecutors had been searching for the boxer to deliver a writ of summons to appear in court for attacking a hair dresser in Accra but all their efforts proved futile. Bukom Banku rushed to court earlier today in fear of the court issuing a bench warrant for his arrest.

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The presiding judge of the District court Marian Affoh was, however, absent thus the case could not be heard. The case has since been adjourned to Monday, September 12th.

What All this Fuss is About!
The boxer, whose career is struggling, damaged the victim’s Nokia phone valued at GHc40. According to the police charge sheet, Bukom Banku entered the shop of the complainant, Martha Nelson, and demanded a kiss from her.

After her refusal to kiss him, the boxer allegedly slapped and punched the lady. After the physical assault, he snatched her phone and crashed it on the ground.

Bukom Banku subsequently offered to replace her phone with a Samsung Galaxy.

This is not the first time the boxer has been reported or arrested for assault. In March 2016, he was arraigned and granted bail for allegedly assaulting three women after one of them rejected his request for seks.

Bukom Banku, in October 2015, also allegedly used a cutlass to assault one Michael Abbey; a resident of Akoto Lantey in Accra, but he again went scot-free.

In January 2015, he was also arrested for allegedly inflicting physical harm on some persons after a disagreement at the ‘Kpashimo’ procession at Gbese in Accra.