BTS Photos: Bkay shoots video for Mega Hit Song “I Swear” 

Fast rising artist Bkay over the weekend shot visuals for his mega hit tune “I swear“.

I swear hitmaker Bkay, featured AJ Willz in the video. Bless Fianko known as Bkay started singing at a tender age and has really developed into one fine act.

From the beginning of Bkay’s singing, his mum was his number one fan and biggest support. One memory he shared with 247filla is how his mum used to take him to the beach to sing out loud in a bid to improve his voice during his early stages. To him his Mum was more like a vocalist too.

He started drawing fans to his singing talent, from when he used to sing at church every Sunday to a very huge fan base now.

Bkay who hopes to be known as Micheal Jackson in terms of good vocals world wide, had a peaceful childhood with his mum as a single parent.

Though the vocalist craved for a father’s love during his childhood, that didn’t distract him from his passion, singing.

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