Bobbi Kristina Brown buried alongside Whitney Houston

The body of Bobbi Kristina Brown has been taken to a New Jersey cemetery for burial next to mother Whitney Houston.

A hearse took the body from a Newark funeral home as two vehicles carrying relatives – including singer Dionne Warwick – followed behind.

Bobbi Kristina, 22, died at a hospice on 26 July, six months after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub.

Houston drowned in a bathtub at a Los Angeles hotel in 2012 on the eve of the Grammy Awards ceremony.

Bobbi Kristina was the only child of Whitney Houston and her father was R&B singer Bobby Brown.

The casket had earlier been at a memorial service in Alpharetta in Georgia on Saturday.

The burial at the Fairview cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey, on Monday was reserved for friends and family.

Police sealed off roads to the cemetery and only about a dozen fans could be seen at the gates as the gold-coloured hearse passed by.

One who was at the cemetery, Michael Tarashuk, told Reuters: “I wanted to show support to the Houston family and for Whitney Houston. I was here three years ago for Whitney Houston.”

A friend of the family who was invited to the funeral service, TV host Kevin Frazier, told the agency: “This wasn’t a celebrity funeral. This was a little girl and [the family] can’t understand why we’re back here so soon.

“It was sad, it was heartbreaking, nothing like anybody should ever experience.”

Bobbi Kristina Brown began performing with her mother in 1999, singing duets of My Love is Your Love and recording Little Drummer Boy for a holiday album in 2003.

She was found in the bathtub in the home she shared with Nick Gordon in Atlanta.

Authorities are still investigating the death, which police have described as a drowning