Video: “I was just kidding with Bisa Kdei …” Lady who accused Bisa Kdei of sleeping with fellow musicians wife reveals

bisa kdei

Few days ago A  lady revealed that highlife artiste, Bisa Kdei had slept with a fellow musicians wife. The lady who sounded confident in the video did not mention who this musician is but mentioned the woman in question as Rosina.

She claimed Bisa Kdei, while on his Belgium tour had an affair with a fellow musician’s wife by name Rosina. She also threatened in the viral video that Bisa should give a range rover to keep her mouth shut. In a U-turn, this same lady has released another video in response to his first video, claiming that she was just kidding with Bisa Kdei.

As to whether she was joking or a blackmail attempt gone south or whatever, We will soon find out. 247filla will get to the root of this scandal.

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